My mother Fatima, is the daughter of Khadija Behra, who was the daughter of Rasool Bhayat, who was the daughter of

Mamuji Bhayat who was the son of Aysha Ariff, who was the daughter Cassim Bhayat(1800); a carpenter and cobler.

Born in Zeerust in 1933.

Speciality: Sewing Wedding Gowns.

Daddy: Mohamed Ismail Ariff is the son of Isop, who was the son of Mohamed, son of Ahmed, son of Mohamed(1816) whose ancestor was Ismail Arif from Yemen.

Born in Kholvad, Surat in 1931.

Speciality: Manufacturer of tshwetshwe jikisa ladies dresses. Horse Riding and Farming.

Founder member of Lenasia Muslim Association and laid the foundation of the first Masjid in Soweto.

Selected to represent visual artists in Amsterdam, Culture in Another South Africa, December 1987.

Detained indefinitely without trail in solitary confinement and tortured on 10th floor of John Vorster Square for producing  posters against apartheid

Yousuf Arif

20th April 1963

5th Ave. Rainbow Valley, Lenz


Islam. Quran and life of Rasullullah swallaallu-alayhi-wasallam.

Bhayat's Quran

As a child I loved to draw a 5 pointed star with the Kalima  finger in the mud, under the rainbow after an electric thunder shower.

Islamic Art